What to do if Your Garage Door Will Not Open

Garage door openers are like the TV remote, they are always useful and we only curse them when they aren’t working. We kind of take them for granted. If your garage door won’t open, it is an inconvenience you don’t have to live with. There are several things you can do yourself or you can call a Zionsville garage repair company to help you out.

What You Can do to Fix it Yourself

There are several reasons a garage door won’t go up. One may be that your opener is out of power. Check the power source to your wall mount to make sure it is getting electricity; is it plugged in or have you accidentally tripped a breaker? Then, check the batteries in your remotes. When in doubt, change them out.

Next, clean the tracks with a warm, damp rag and lubricate them with a motor lubricant like WD-40. Spray the grease on a rag first and then wipe it onto the tracks to avoid drips and spills. Creating a slick surface will ease the strain on the motor as it pulls the door up or lets it down. Finally, clean the sensors with glass cleaner and a soft clothe and adjust the sensors. The sensors communicate by sending light back and forth. If one is dirty or the alignment of off, they won’t be able to communicate effectively.

When to Call for Garage Repair

If you push the wall button and nothing happens, but you’re sure it’s getting power, you’ll need to get it checked and possibly replaced by a professional. Another indicator that you’ll need outside advice is if your motor makes a grinding or chugging noise or if it struggles or stutters as the chain runs through. Motor issues are not something easily fixed by a homeowner. Finally, take a look at the springs, sagging, broken, rusted or worn out springs need to be replaced. Changing them out isn’t easy as they will need to be adjusted for proper tension. This job is best left to someone who knows what they are doing.

What You Shouldn’t do When Your Door Won’t Open

Do not force your door up with a crow bar UNLESS you have disengaged the chain. There is usually a red string with a red handle at the end hanging from the motor or from nearby. Pull on the handle to release the door from the motor. You’ll know you did it right when your door slides foreword. This will make opening and closing the door much easier. However, it also leaves you unable to lock the door down. If you’re worried about security, just leave the door alone until the repair man arrives.

Do not fudge the sensors. The sensors are a necessary safety feature for an automatic garage. They keep your pets and children safe as well as guard against damage to your vehicles, tools and to the garage door. If there is an issue with the sensors that you can’t fix with cleaning or tweaking their position, let a Zionsville garage door repair company work on it as soon as possible. They can get you up and running in no time.


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