Top 3 Highest Paid Jobs In The Legal Industry

Not so many jobs are available in the legal industry compared to another industry simply because of the exclusiveness related to the legal education. However, the legal industry is one of the most sought after industries when it comes to job hunting.

A lot of young people aspire to become involved in the legal field sooner in their life. This is because most of the jobs which are available in the legal industry are financially rewarding. While the salary of legal professionals is based on location and experience, one cannot deny that it is not that difficult to make money in the professional field. The following are the top paid professions in the world of law:

•    Trial lawyer – Trial lawyers are professionals who represent plaintiffs and accused clients in court. For example, if you have been involved with a motorcycle accident, you will have to hire a trial lawyer, more specifically, a motorcycle accident lawyer. It is interesting to note that trial lawyers are not only among the highest paid people in the legal industry but they are also among the highest earners in the professional world. Trial lawyers who work with private firms earn a lot more than public interest lawyers. In the United States, trial lawyers can earn anywhere from seventy thousand to one hundred thousand dollars every year. There are even those trial lawyers who earn millions of dollars annually.

•    Chief legal officer – The chief legal officer is one who works for various corporations. Business owners usually assign chiefs to various departments to ensure smooth operation for their business. It is the chief legal officer who is in charge with the legal department. The salary of the legal officer depends on the size and success of the company that he is working for. This means that there are chief legal officers who do not earn that much. But there are chief legal officers who earn millions of dollars every year.

•    Judge – Judges rank number three in this list because they do not have the opportunity to earn millions every year. However, judges earn more than what a regular trial lawyer and chief legal officer earns every year. Of course, local judges earn less than the federal court judges. The good thing about being a judge is that a lot of benefits could be enjoyed. Some of the benefits include retirement plants and health benefits. The benefits involved with the job are the reasons why most judges are content with the not-so-high salary that they are earning.

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