The Pros and Cons of Night Jobs

If your answer is yes to the following questions, then Night Jobs may be for you. Are you more productive at night than day? Do you want to earn more income? Some people are more productive at night because their body are used to this, maybe due to the fact that their body clock is reversed or they are suffering from amnesia. For others, such as students, they need extra income to pay for their tuition or help their parents and in order not to disturb their studies during the day, night time is the only period where they can work and earn extra bucks. Whatever the reason may be, if you need cash fast, working at night can be a good thing.

This kind of job from the name itself specialize jobs that occurred during the night. It usually starts around 11pm and ends around 6am but some part-time night jobs may start earlier around 9 pm or even 6 pm. Night jobs are created because some companies invented shifts and they need people to man their posts during the night. Such establishments that need people to man during the night are hotels, hospitals, call centres and so on. In hotels, they need people to answer to the queries of people who want to stay at the hotel for the night or aid the assistance of the occupants of the hotel. For hospitals, very ill patients are admitted in the hospitals and sometimes disaster also happens during the night and of course people that stay overnight need to be attended to, for that reason night shift jobs are avialable for nurses and doctors. Call centre agents in the Philippines and India mostly operate during the night because their customers are those living in the Western countries. They need to adjust to the time frame of their customers since that is their job.

Night Jobs are one way to earn money fast. For a person who is working during the night, they usually can earn much more than those who are working during the day. Some employers pay as much as 30% of their base pay which is called night differential. Another good thing and benefit about a night job is that people can spend the afternoon with their loved ones after getting some shut eye.

Pretty as it sounds, night jobs also have its disadvantages. For some people, having a night shift totally disrupts their sleeping pattern and the end result is that they do not have enough sleep during the day. Night jobs may also affect their health, others suffer from a low immune system, thus they become susceptible in acquiring a disease, and some show signs of budding high blood pressure. Furthermore, night workers are basically asleep during the day so they do not have any idea what is going on with their environment during the time when most of the people are awake.

Night jobs can be bothersome for others but some prefer them to day jobs. Its up to you on what job to take and what shift you prefer. It can really disrupt your sleeping pattern at first but you will get used to it just like others have learned to do. Let us all be practical, we need money to survive so we just may have to adjust to the demands of night shifts and the extra income they may provide us.

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