Roofers Secrets on Cleaning Rooftops

A roof can undergo extensive damage through the years from harsh storms and other adverse outdoor elements. The damage can be minimal and merely lead to an unattractive surface or it can cause the decay or deterioration of a roof’s surface. Fortunately, these situations are very avoidable, and you don’t have to call on the help of roofers in Dallas. Instead, you can do the maintenance work on your own. The best way to keep your roof safe from damage and decay is through cleaning it regularly. If you gather the right materials and tools, learn safety procedures, and properly follow instructions, your roof will be in tip top shape.

Important Safety Basics

There are multiple ways to clean your roof. With any measure of cleaning you attempt, be sure you apply safety practices such as wearing shoes with good tractions and maybe even wearing a safety harness. If you’re tethered to the chimney or another secure part of the roof, you’ll be less likely to slip, trip, or fall while cleaning. Never work alone and have an assistant to pass you cleaning materials. Use a sturdy ladder that won’t teeter or break on you, and have someone at the base to hold it secure. If you follow these safety tips, your experience can go smoothly and without an accident.

Tricks Involved with Scrubbing

Perhaps the most basic way of cleaning the roof is through the scrubbing method. First, sweep down the roof with a broom to remove dirt and debris. Make sure you clear out the gutters as well by scooping out leaves and debris and rinsing downspouts with a hose. Then, if your roof doesn’t suffer from leaking, soak the roof’s surface with the hose for a few minutes. Apply a tri-sodium based cleaner or an oxygen bleach (not chlorine bleach!) mixture to the roof and sweep the roof again with a soft-bristled brush to scrub the solution into the roof. Rinse to remove. Do this procedure a few times until you’re satisfied with the state of the roof. This is a great way to get rid of moss or mold, which occur as unattractive black patches on the roof’s surface.

Tips on Pressure Washing

Another method is through pressure washing. Make sure you have a pressure washer to perform this task, one that has a 1200 to 2000 psi pressuremeasurement and has a spraying tip at twenty-five degrees. Use a higher pressure for metal roofs and a lower psi for more delicate materials. Attach the washer device to your hose. Work from your ladder and aim the hose at the top of the roof. Work your way down from the top and thoroughly spray the sides. You’ll want to start at the northern side and under shady tree areas because this is where most algae and moss growth occurs. Be sure to get on top of shingles and tiles and avoid spraying directly under them because doing this will cause them to loosen or break. The pressure will effectively remove dirt and debris in this short, simple step if done properly. These are the secrets of cleaning roofs from roofers in Dallas. Use them well and enjoy the value of a clean roof.

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