Reasons for Hiring a Security Guard through a Security Company

In the world of modern ultra-high tech security and surveillance systems, the security guard often becomes the unknown entity of the security package. However, a security guards’ role should never be underestimated. Security systems can be great for recording crimes in progress and may even act as a nice deterrent, but nothing helps prevent crimes better than the presence of a security guard. A home or business owner cannot go wrong by hiring a security guard for the premises. However, the question most people often ask is whether they should hire a security guard themselves or should they engage a security company to provide one.

The best course of action is to always hire a security guard through a proper security company. A security guard is an individual in whom you can put your complete faith in. As a result, you have to be absolutely certain if the person you are hiring for the position is completely trust-worthy. The most critical step before hiring a security guard is to perform a background check. Most people are not qualified to perform a background check on an individual and cannot request the police to do one either, since it constitutes as a violation of a person’s right to privacy. A security company does have the right (and ability) to perform a background check on any individual who chooses to be employed with them. The background checks are very through and go beyond just criminal records. A licensed security company has to be able to vouch for its employees. If anything goes wrong, not only does the security company get bad publicity, but it also runs the risk of losing its license. As a result, security companies perform rigorous background and personality tests; something that normal homeowners cannot hope to perform. If for some reason the security guard assigned for your property is unable to show up, the security company can always send a replacement guard. If you hire a private security guard, then you will be left without security on the days the guard cannot show up. Getting a good premium rate for you home insurance policy depends massively depends upon the security arrangements made.

Many insurance companies do not recognize privately hired security guards; they only treat guards from a proper security company as part of the security arrangements. In fact, some companies may even treat having a private security guard as a liability, which can increase your home insurance premium. Hiring a security guard is a big responsibility with real-world consequences. It is best to leave such an important decision with the security professionals.

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