Money Saving Electricians

Anywhere you need us, Arc Blue Electric will be there. With two locations serving Ogden, Brigham City, Park City, and Salt Lake City, we can serve you no matter where you are along the Wasatch Front. Our electricians can help you with whatever your needs are, electric and otherwise. Whether commercial or residential, we can give you the peace of mind that it will be done right the first time. Period.

You may be building your first home, renovating your old one, or building a brand new office location. Arc Blue Electric can help to make sure each wire and socket is safely installed, so you don’t have to worry about hazards or disasters each time you turn out the lights at night. We can even help with phone lines, data wiring, even commercial grade power, whatever your electrical needs may be.

With costs rising no matter where you look, Arc Blue Electric is proud to offer solar paneling, to ensure your electric bills go down, and your spare change goes up. With off-the-grid, or grid-tied solar, we can help you make the most of those 126 sunny days Utah usually offers. The power company will also give you wholesale rates for that electricity you are producing. How can you lose?

Heat tape is another lifesaver that melts that pesky and sometimes dangerous ice and snow that can damage your roofing and shingles. With heat tape, that frozen water can easily run off of your roof safely, and without the obnoxious drips, or unexpected falling mounds of snow. We can even install it under your shingles, so no one knows or can see your snow melting secret.

Arc Blue Electric can save you even more money is by installing new lighting retrofits, anywhere you need. Since lighting efficiency has made many improvements over the last decade, we can save you money with alternatives, newer fixtures, and replacing what is costing you a fortune.

Service calls or appointments can be made with our trustworthy electricians, whether you are dealing with power surges, tripping breakers, or even making sure your ceiling fans are safe in your home. We can even set up Electrical Automation on any wired device, so you can turn on the lights two hundred miles away, or adjust the thermostat when you’ve been away from home all day.

Let Arc Blue Electric show you that Ogden’s electricians are the best!

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