Lifelong Learning Resources

Life is a process where learning never ends. You can learn new things and skills at any age or stage of life. Whether you want learn something new for self-reliance or just to learn something new, you can find innumerable resources to learn.

The internet has come up as the best place to search for various learning resources. You can find several options of learning a particular skill. The only thing required is your dedication and interest.

Here are ten resources from where you can learn cool and new things and skills:

1. Khan Academy

An organization with the mission to provide world class education free for people across the world, theKhanAcademyprovides an online library of videos to learn and master a range of subjects.

The library of videos at the Academy includes topics such as K-12 math, humanities, history, science including physics, chemistry and biology and finance. Each video is approximately 10 minutes long and can be viewed to clear one’s doubts or learn something new.

2. TED Talks

If you wish to learn and be inspired from the greatest thinkers, you can register with the TED Talks. It is a non-profit organization that works with the mission to spread ideas and information.

The talks and ideas spoken about in the world are presented as videos and those interested can watch and share them. While the conferences at TED Talks started with discussions on entertainment, technology and design, the purview of the talks has expanded.

3. App Sumo

The App Sumo is a website that provides excessively affordable deals on digitally distributed products and services. While it started with dealing on apps, the company today provides deals on learning based products such as project management, programming and hiring practices.

The website is the best place to get great deals on learning courses, e-books and website tools.

4. MAKE Magazine

The website has cool DIY projects that can help you learn so many interesting things about technology and how to use it in your life.

5. All Recipes

Whether you are a cooking freak or not you can learn some new things, from this website, very easily. The site is a complete guide on cooking tips and some great recipes.

6. iTunes U

The website contains information about all the major universities of the world. You can view slide shows, exhibit tours, lectures, PDFs and get audio books as well. The topics covered by the site range from agriculture to geography and from astronomy to ecology.

7. Scitable

This website is a library of science and learning tools focusing on the study of genetics, evolution, living organisms and their variations.

8. 50 Things Everyone Should Know How To Do

This is a great site for those who wish to learn something new and cool. While the list included here is not comprehensive, yet it covers all the major things and is a great place to learn new skills.

9. Lumosity

If you are a gaming freak and like to play brain training games, then this site is the best for you. You can improve your memory and education by playing games at the site.


If you are looking to be an entrepreneur, then this website would be very helpful as it would help you learn new skills and guide you into starting a new business.

Do you plan to tune in to any of these websites and learn something new?

About the Writer: Edwin is a massive fan of ongoing learning. He currently writes on behalf of PLCtraining course

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