Improving Morale in the Workplace

There are many factors that affect the environment in your business, and employee morale is one of the most powerful. If your workers are unhappy or unmotivated, they can quickly become less effective and efficient. This negativity can easily flow into other areas of your business. On the other hand, happy employees enjoy their job, which means that they are more creative, efficient and beneficial. By taking a few steps to boost employee morale, you will find that your work environment is both pleasing and productive.

Minimize Competition

When employees feel as though they are battling for higher ground, it can cause dissension and unease. Make your workers relax by letting them know that they aren’t competing against each other. Instead, they are simply trying to improve their own performance.

While you may want to have semi-annual contests to encourage productivity, keep these activities to a minimum. Focus your attention on rewarding those who are clearly showing a desire to improve their skills.

Improve Your Own Performance

If the boss is critiquing everyone else but is slow to acknowledge his own flaws, employees are quick to become disenchanted with their jobs. Make sure that you are always working to improve your own skills and techniques, just as you expect your employees to improve theirs. If the stress of being in charge starts to overwhelm you, schedule a session for hot stone therapy or a massage after work. Your employees will appreciate your dedication to your job, and you won’t have to worry about the effect on your health.

Small Rewards, Big Thanks

A kind word can go a long way in a workplace. Notice the small things that your employees are doing to improve customer relations or to increase efficiency. For example, if you see that one worker has been very calm and polite with a rude customer, pull him aside and let him know that you appreciate how he handled the matter. If your secretary has been busy rearranging your appointments due to an unexpected schedule change, tell her that you noticed how quickly and effectively she rescheduled your plans.

Take the time to acknowledge each employee on special holidays. Whether you give your workers a small gift or a holiday bonus, it is important that they know how much you appreciate the work they have done.

By taking the time to get to know each employee and acknowledge their strengths, you will be able to keep them satisfied at work. When they know that you are keeping an eye out for the things they do well, they will improve their performance, which in turn will improve other aspects of your business.

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