Did You Hit The Wall During Your Online Job Search

It is no secret that hunting for a new job can be very frustrating and a small mistake can cost you a great opportunity. While at some point in the past simply submitting an application was enough, in the current times, you have to go above and beyond to stand a chance. However, if you know what to avoid in your quest, you will be better armed to find that elusive job:

•    Most people make the mistake of only using job boards to look for job openings and by doing this, you are just limiting yourself. Without the use of social networks, blogs and professional communities you are not doing yourself any favors. You should use these online tools to brand yourself, network and create a positive and professional online presence.

•    It is important to ensure that you are applying for a job that you qualify for because employers have minimum requirements that they expect you to posses. Instead of wasting your time and the hiring manager’s, look for jobs that meet your skills and qualifications, and you are bound to get hired sooner than later.

•    You should ensure that your online presence is “clean” to show prospective employers that you are responsible. There are people who have embarrassing photographs or have posted controversial comments along their online profiles. The employers or recruiters want someone who will represent their brand or company name responsibly. So, it is highly advisable to clean out your profiles especially on social networking sites. Alternatively, you can create a professional online profile and set privacy settings on your personal profile so that potential recruiters never get to see it.

•    The cover letter is usually the first thing the recruiter will read about you and you should ensure that you highlight your skills. More importantly, the cover letter should let the recruiter see what you can do for them. Therefore, if you have been overlooking the cover letter, this could be the reason why you are not getting anywhere with your job searches.

•    You can sign up for alerts or notifications on different job sites so that whenever there is a job opening that meets your criteria, you can be notified. If you wish to use job application on your phone, just make sure that you have the best job search app. This means that you will never miss a job opening the minute it is posted by a recruiter.



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