Career And Salary In CPA Firms In NYC

Working in one of the many Certified Public Accountant firms in NYC can be a lucrative employment opportunity for many people in the United States. New York City is considered to be one of the best places for accounting jobs in the entire nation. Indeed, according to some reports, the median salary of the accountants that are employed in one of the CPA firms in NYC is approximately eighty four thousand dollars per year. The states of District of Columbia, New Jersey and Maryland trail behind, and are also viewed as other dream places where to have a career as an accountant.

CPA firms in NYC are known to provide the residents and the corporations of the city of New York with a large amount of accountants. Effectively, it is believed that about sixty nine thousand accountants are available in the White Plain Metropolitan area, which in fact means that there are about thirteen accountants per one thousand workers in New York City. According to a document that was released by the Office of The Comptroller, about twenty per cent of the CPA firms in NYC are very large corporations since they employ more than one hundred workers. In general, those large CPA firms have accumulated a minimum of sixteen years of experience in the accounting industry whilst the younger CPA firms in NYC rarely have more than fifteen years of experience in the industry.

Accounting professionals have the ability to analyze and release financial reports for the businesses that are willing to pay to have their financial management cleaned up prior to the arrival of the auditors. In order to become a CPA in New York City, a person needs to carefully follow a specific list of things. The first thing to do for an individual is to get a bachelor’s degree in Accounting as requires the New York State Office of the Profession. Indeed, the future Certified Public Accountant is expected to complete a minimum of one hundred and fifty semester hours of accounting courses, or even earn an advanced degree in an accounting-related field at a school that has been endorsed by the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business.

The second thing that the individual needs to do is to join one of the numerous CPA firms in NYC in order to work and accumulate at least one year of practical experience under the oversight of a New York Certified Public Accountant. The third thing that the person must do is to take and pass all the different examinations of the CPA including the auditing, accounting, regulations and business environment. The future CPA professional needs to apply and register for each one of these tests and settle the exam fees that range from one hundred and eighty five dollars to two hundred and seven dollars. Once the first exam is complete, the individual has one year and a half to pass the three remaining CPA exams.

After successfully completing the four CPA examinations, the future Certified Public Accountant may submit a notarized license application to the New York State Education Department. CPA professionals have the possibility to be promoted after a certain amount of years of successful experience. Indeed, those who manage to reach that level become CPA partners. A CPA partner is, for instance, entitled to acquire some ownership parts in the Certified Public Accountant firm where they are employed. Being a CPA partner goes along with receiving meaningful financial rewards. Effectively, a 2010 survey about CPA partners in New York City concluded that the average annual earnings of these individuals is three hundred and eighty two thousand dollars when employed at corporations of middle size.

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