Business Facebook Page Designs Affect Social Media Success

When it comes to business Facebook page design, companies that are launching a profile for their organization can get some help. Rather than creating a page that has a generic feel to it some small business owners are profiting by using the resources of Internet marketers to promote them on social media. A professionally designed Facebook page provides the brand continuity that every company needs as it moves across the web. Branding is important to the success of a company because it allows consumers to readily identify the organization. When it comes to building a brand the same stylization that exists on a website needs to be present on the letterhead of the company as a well as in the social media sites where the company is being promoted. Through the tools that enable not only the Facebook page to incorporate the elements of the brand image, but which also deliver the resources for promoting a business with engaged content, a business owner can build a brand that will achieve the goal of increasing awareness of an online audience.

Direct Selling is Frowned on by Social Media

Social media presents a wonderful opportunity for companies of every size to share their corporate culture with their customers. Unlike the ads and links that are designed to promote a website to the search engines social media content is not intended to sell an audience a product or service. Although some companies do attempt to use Facebook to sell to their fans, there is a big difference in the number of likes” that a company has that pushes it merchandise on Facebook verses the number of fans a company that engages an audience with social content has. When it comes to marketing through social media the objective is to build up a loyal fan base that will make purchases as their needs permit. Where many companies fail to attract fans to their Facebook page it is because they forget that the social media site is designed to bring people together that share common interests and hobbies. Instead of focusing on the social aspect of marketing to build customers they often choose a direct selling approach to their comments and posts.

Value Propositions Win “Likes” from Customers

People that spend their time on Facebook do not want to be sold a product or service. Individuals want to be courted before making a purchase. They want to know that the company they trust cares about who they are. The culture of a business is more important than the sales that are driven through search marketing channels. When people know that you care they will come around and make a purchase. The goal of social media is not the immediate sale of goods, but it does count on the loyalty of fans to increase sales volume by recognizing the individuals that are willing to promote them to their friends. Word of mouth has always been the best form of advertising and continues to be as people use Facebook to influence the purchase decisions of their friends, coworkers and relatives. When it comes to creating a business Facebook page design owners that want to make the most of their social media campaigns can develop a strategy that brings fans to their page through posts that offer something of value in return for pressing the “like” button.

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