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Career Choices A Guide On How To Get The Right Career For Yourself

You might have come across a lot of people who seem to be unsatisfied with the type of work that they are doing- the profession that they are in seems to be unrepresentative of what they stand for, on what they aim to attain in their lives. There might be moans every now and then within your workplace; ‘this is not what I wanted to do!’ is a common statement that you hear around the workplace. It might be that these very people possess abilities that they were unable to pursue due to a number of reasons and hence they end up in places that don’t interest them very much.

At the same time there are people who fail to understand what interests them and therefore find themselves out of place in their work settings. So what are some of the important things that you need to consider while deciding on the career you wish to follow? Are there some prerequisites that you need to keep in mind before you choose a career? Let’s take a look at some of these.guide_on_how_to_get_the_right_career

Questions That You Need To Be Clear About For Your Career Choice

There is a multitude of questions that need to be answered so as to make your career a strategic choice- something that you wouldn’t regret later on in your life. When you decide to plunge into a career, get the following questions straight:

  • Am I a leader by nature or do I prefer to follow the existing norms? Will I be able to follow the instructions given to me by my boss if I get into this job or will I have a hard time submitting to his/her will? Can I be trusted with the level of responsibilities that this job requires or is it a little too much for me?
  • What is the maximum and the minimum amount of time that I’m willing to devote to the job?
  • Is the work complementary to the place I wish to live in? If it is the suburbs that the job is offered at, will I be willing to travel all along every day to go to the workplace?
  • What do I attach a higher weight to- higher salaries or higher job satisfaction?

These questions are integral in order to get your career path straight. If you have a hard time answering these, step back- think over these for a while and then come back to the decision process.

What Are The Steps That You Need To Consider For The Job Process?

There is a procedure that you need to follow in order to make sure you are on the right track in your job process:

Define what your interests are: Everyone differs in his/her interest and it is of utmost importance that you identify the fields you are interested in and then realize the importance of each field in the practical life. Decide if you’re good with management, whether you like playing around with numbers or whether you are an initiator and wish to start off new things right from scratch. Jot down things that you enjoy the most and then order them according to your preferences.

Get to know yourself better: Once you have mapped down what you like and dislike and what opportunities exist for you in the job market, you can then have a self assessment- identify your own strengths and weaknesses and then encircle THE profession that would make use of your potentials and help you ace in the field

Evaluation through career tests: There are numerous tests that are available online for you to decipher the true career for yourself. They help you in analysing your true aptitude for a particular profession. This will also help you analyse the strength of your competitors and will help you get to know if you’d be able to survive in the job market or not. You can also visit this website to help in your evaluation.

Tips For Those Wishing For A Shift In Careers

For those who want to move from one profession that they’ve been following for years, to another, they can evaluate themselves through the following questions:

  • Am I too old for a career change? Is so, you can probably look for a career that need specialized skills and high levels of experience.
  • Will it take too much time to shift? The only time that you would probably need to spend is researching about the opportunities
  • The risk involved- You need to take the right time to make the right decision and hence get the appropriate outplacement support.


Blogging Earns Extra Bucks

Many people are looking for a little added income, whether to make ends meet or just for a little extra spending money. For my family, it’s a little of both. To bring in a little extra cash I blog.

How Can I Make Money From Blogging?blogging_to_earn_money

You can make money blogging different ways. If you have your own blog or website you can make money a variety of different ways like reviewing products to allowing ads on your sites. I make money a little differently. My income comes by blogging for someone else.

How Does That Work?

I am employed by someone looking to build their website. My job is to blog on a variety of useful topics in a variety of places with a link back to the site. This will hopefully increase the traffic to their site and their income. So, what does that mean for me? I get to spend my extra time researching and writing articles on anything I feel like, but usually within my expertise of health and fitness.

How Can I Find A Similar Job?

I am employed through an independent web designer; however, there are sites that will pay you to blog! Here are a few sites you might be interested in:

  • Link Post: pays you to review products
  • Sponsored Reviews: earn money through writing honest reviews in your own tone and style
  • Review Me: pays you to review products and services on your site
  • 451 Press: looking for writers to write on one of their many blogs
  • Creative Weblogging: Get paid to blog in their network of blogs
  • DayTipper: If they publish your tip you get paid $3

These are just a few, but there are tons of sites looking for talented writers to help them out. There are also many resources to adding ads to your blog. Here are a few advertisement resources I know of:

  • Google Adsense
  • AdClickMedia
  • Adbrite
  • ContextWeb

Is Blogging Feasible?

Let’s just say, don’t quit your day job. The amount of effort and time that you put into this kind of work determines how much money you’ll earn, but with that said it will take a while for your own website to make money. So, this is a great job to bring in a little extra cash, not replace your work.

Is This Job For Me?

If you lose track of time on the computer by getting easilydistracted with other blogs, Facebook, Twitter, etc., I don’t recommend this job for you because of the large amount of time you waste when you could be making money.


How To Find A Job

Sometimes change can be the hardest thing to accept and deal with, however, change is inevitable.

Whether you find yourself in a job environment that you no longer enjoy or simply are not progressing at a pace that you desire – it may be necessary to find a new job. This can be a long and painful process but it doesn’t have to be! There are a few things that you can do in order to seek out the best job for you and your current life situation.how_to_find_a_job_1

When you are relocating, the first step is to figure out who you know in your new town or who you know that knows someone in your new town. Put out feelers to family and friends when you tell them about your impending move. You will be surprised at what a small world it can be. Thanks to social media sites that keep connections closer than ever before, your new job may only be a few clicks away. Send out emails to any business contacts that you have made in other places and it may even be advantageous to include your resume. Let them know what you are looking for and to keep you in mind if they hear of any new opportunities that would fit your goals and needs.

The best place to start when preparing to find a new job is online – especially if you are still stuck in your current job with very limited time to look. Certain websites give you the opportunity to create your very own user profile with a copy of your resume so that employers can see your talents. If they match the qualifications for open job positions, it’s very easy for them to reach out and contact you. Also, almost all websites have an employment section where they post jobs that are available and allow you the opportunity to apply. If there are any companies that you have ever dreamed of working for – it is definitely worth checking out the employment sections of their websites. These are also the kind of companies that offer great benefits to employees and foster environments for growth within a career.

One last way to find a job is good old fashioned groundwork. Determine the amount of time you are willing to spend traveling to your job every day and mark that radius around where you live. Start driving around and see what is available. Have plenty of resumes printed out and always look presentable in case you are interviewed on the spot.

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Benefits Of Working From Home

If the daily grind at the office is wearing on you, you may want think about working from home instead. Depending on the company you work for, you may be able to do this with ease. Other companies may not be so accommodating.

Working from home has a lot of benefits that make it much more appealing than hitting the office every day. The Online Trading Academy reviews give us some of the perks:working_from_home_2

It’s casual Friday, everyday: You can hit the desk in your pajamas, sweats or a t-shirt and jeans if you want to. Working from home allows you to be a little more casual, and may even save you a little cash when you don’t have to get your suites dry cleaned as often.

Set your own schedule: Working from home has the benefit of being more flexible in regards to start and ending times. This is great for single parents who need to take the kids to school or activities. Make sure that you are still available for any important meetings of phone calls you’ll need to attend via phone or computer.

You don’t have to work from home: You can work from the beach or resort hotel if you’d prefer. Another benefit of working from a home office is that you have more flexibility in regards to location. If you need to take Johnny to a baseball practice, you can bring along your computer or cell phone and get some work done while waiting for practice to end.

Lack of distraction: There’s nothing like office dramatics or water cooler gossip to take a chunk out of productivity. If you can manage to work from home and keep the television off, friends away and the kids busy, you can accomplish a lot more work without constantly being interrupted by the office gossiper looking to gather little more info.

You’ll need to be disciplined to keep yourself from binging on a Law and Order Marathon. Remember to stick to a schedule, no matter how flexible it is.

You’ll save a bundle: Working from home can actually save you money and time. If you work from home you don’t have to spend 30 minutes in the car both ways, commuting to work. You’ll save quite a lot on gas money each month as well as food expenditures. Instead of hitting the local deli every day for lunch, you can make something at home. Between gas, food and dry cleaning bills you can save yourself well over $100 per month.


Getting Started With Electromechanical Training

If you are interested in getting started with electromechanical training, the following are some tips that can help you figure out what you need to know before starting out. Plus, you will be presented with options for some courses or programs that can get you on your way.

Home Study Training Programs

You have the option to train at home to become an electro mechanical technician. With these self-paced and interactive programs you can work at your own pace where ever and whenever you want. Home study electromechanical training allows students to receive an electromechanical technician certificate which will allow them the opportunity to work in a wide variety of industries.

Distance education programs are great for those already working, and would like to improve their job marketability. Taking your time to complete the certificate program can make you a more valuable contender in the electromechanical job market. Typically, home study programs take about 34 weeks to complete.

Electromechanical Instrument Technology Programs

Electromechanical Instrument Technology programs can be taken in both physical and online classrooms. These types of programs will train students who are already skilled in engineering and automatic control. Students in these programs study mechanical and electronic design and technology and learn how to apply it to their chosen industry.

Students in electromechanical instrument technology programs also research methods concerning electromechanical design and engineering. Some study also includes management and maintenance at job sites and projects.

MSSC Certification

You also have the option of becoming MSSC certified in the electro-mechanical field. These programs feature cutting edge classrooms that utilize equipment such as oscilloscopes, electronic voltmeters, and other instruments used in electromechanically fields. In these programs, students will learn to maintenance, troubleshooting, and repair skills needed for developing inspection skills.

Potential for Success

The industrial field is continuously growing, and the job market. In fact, industrial machinery mechanics and maintenance workers continue to grow at record paces. However, gaining a vaster knowledge of electomechanical skills will increase your value in the job market. Many companies are hiring skilled and experience workers for their broad skill set and field experience and know how.

The pay for these types of workers is not too shabby either. Entry level jobs usually start right around $15.50 an hour, and can top nearly $25.00 an hour. So getting your education any way you can could potentially earn you a comfortable living.

Cost of Training

Though there is cost involved with earning certification, it is well worth it as you can see from salary averages listed above. If you are interested in electromechanical training, a typical 34 week course costs an average of 10,000 to 12,000. However, it will pay for itself over time.

Do you think it is worth the cost of tuition and time for this type of training? Any kind of education is definitely worth the time and effort involved, and in this case you have the option of many different types of careers in this industry.


Lifelong Learning Resources

Life is a process where learning never ends. You can learn new things and skills at any age or stage of life. Whether you want learn something new for self-reliance or just to learn something new, you can find innumerable resources to learn.

The internet has come up as the best place to search for various learning resources. You can find several options of learning a particular skill. The only thing required is your dedication and interest.

Here are ten resources from where you can learn cool and new things and skills:

1. Khan Academy

An organization with the mission to provide world class education free for people across the world, theKhanAcademyprovides an online library of videos to learn and master a range of subjects.

The library of videos at the Academy includes topics such as K-12 math, humanities, history, science including physics, chemistry and biology and finance. Each video is approximately 10 minutes long and can be viewed to clear one’s doubts or learn something new.

2. TED Talks

If you wish to learn and be inspired from the greatest thinkers, you can register with the TED Talks. It is a non-profit organization that works with the mission to spread ideas and information.

The talks and ideas spoken about in the world are presented as videos and those interested can watch and share them. While the conferences at TED Talks started with discussions on entertainment, technology and design, the purview of the talks has expanded.

3. App Sumo

The App Sumo is a website that provides excessively affordable deals on digitally distributed products and services. While it started with dealing on apps, the company today provides deals on learning based products such as project management, programming and hiring practices.

The website is the best place to get great deals on learning courses, e-books and website tools.

4. MAKE Magazine

The website has cool DIY projects that can help you learn so many interesting things about technology and how to use it in your life.

5. All Recipes

Whether you are a cooking freak or not you can learn some new things, from this website, very easily. The site is a complete guide on cooking tips and some great recipes.

6. iTunes U

The website contains information about all the major universities of the world. You can view slide shows, exhibit tours, lectures, PDFs and get audio books as well. The topics covered by the site range from agriculture to geography and from astronomy to ecology.

7. Scitable

This website is a library of science and learning tools focusing on the study of genetics, evolution, living organisms and their variations.

8. 50 Things Everyone Should Know How To Do

This is a great site for those who wish to learn something new and cool. While the list included here is not comprehensive, yet it covers all the major things and is a great place to learn new skills.

9. Lumosity

If you are a gaming freak and like to play brain training games, then this site is the best for you. You can improve your memory and education by playing games at the site.


If you are looking to be an entrepreneur, then this website would be very helpful as it would help you learn new skills and guide you into starting a new business.

Do you plan to tune in to any of these websites and learn something new?

About the Writer: Edwin is a massive fan of ongoing learning. He currently writes on behalf of PLCtraining course


3 Tips And Tricks To Find A Company That Tailors Its Services According To Your Needs

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Finding the right IT company if you want to protect your business website is highly recommended. That is because your future is at stake. For example, if you find a great company, your IT needs will be fulfilled completely, you will get profits, clients will be able to contact you anytime and you can also advertise your products better, using the internet. Additionally, professional IT companies can tailor their small business support services for every customer separately, for full satisfaction. How can you then find a great company? Read those quick tips below!

Make sure that the company is well established first

In some cases, people have lost a lot of time and money because the IT company that they used went bankrupt. Until they found another company, precious time passed and in the world of business, time is money. If you want to avoid this mistake then make sure that you are opting for a company that is in the business for a long period of time. In order to find this you can ask the specialists about their experience, with how many customers they have worked before and how they can help you the best. Based on their answers, you will get the general idea and you will know if that particular company is suitable for you.

IT support 24/7

Also, make sure that you are able to communicate with the professionals at any time, wherever you are. This is highly important because you might encounter a software problem and you need their help fast, otherwise you will lose important clients. Professional IT companies are able to answer all your questions 24/7 and all that you have to do is to send them an email or call them personally.

The list of services that they provide is important as well

For example, some companies provide fewer services while others provide much more. As a tip, try to select those companies that offer more services for their clients because they know their job the best and they can definitely satisfy all your IT needs. Although at first you might not need all their IT services, as your company grows and your IT needs increase, you can request for more and more assistance from the same company. You will not have to look for another or change the IT company completely. Make sure that you take those little tips into consideration and you will definitely find something that matches your IT needs completely. Good luck!


Utilizing Homebased Contractors for your Startup

The lure of owning your own business is quite strong. Not having a boss, keeping your own hours, and being able to work from anywhere are huge motivating factors to put up your own home business.

It’s quite simple to setup your own online home based business. Growing it is another matter. If your business does become successful, employing remote teams might be your best option.

A huge advantage of using remote teams is the easy scalability. You also don’t need to add more office space. The convenience and cost savings offered just can’t be ignored.

Initially you should be doing the project management duties for your team. Once you have a qualified person to act as your project manager, delegate all the important tasks to him. Your job is to grow your business. Your team is there to handle the support and administrative tasks.

Here are some things to keep in mind when you’re running a remote team:

  • Always leave detailed and documented instructions to your team members. Each of them should know what you expect them to do. This saves you a lot of headaches and gives your contractor something to focus on. A lot of time and manpower is wasted when a contractor has to figure out by himself what you actually want them to do.
  • Don’t scrimp on documentation. Google docs and Evernote provide a way for your team to store information they gathered and share it to team members. There are also project management programs like Basecamp, that helps you collect and organize information that will help you track the progress of your project.
  • Interact with your team daily. Make your presence felt at least once a day, whether through chat or email. A group chat conference can accomplish this easily. This helps strengthen the team’s bond and makes sure everyone is on the same page.
  • Delegate tasks that don’t help you grow the business. Sometimes these tasks can be further reduced to smaller components that can be farmed out to remote contractors at really low prices. This is especially true for very simple but repetitive tasks.
  • You might have to scale down your business in the course of running it. It can’t be avoided. It might be due to seasonal drops in demand or due to the end of a very large contract. When you have to let go of your contractors, always keep in touch with the best ones. Cultivate several of these connections and you will have a stable of reliable contractors that will help you meet any urgent or unforeseen project demands.

Proper Management of your support team can spell the difference between growth and termination of your business. These tips and more, can also be found on the Empower Network blog that I maintain.


Business Facebook Page Designs Affect Social Media Success

When it comes to business Facebook page design, companies that are launching a profile for their organization can get some help. Rather than creating a page that has a generic feel to it some small business owners are profiting by using the resources of Internet marketers to promote them on social media. A professionally designed Facebook page provides the brand continuity that every company needs as it moves across the web. Branding is important to the success of a company because it allows consumers to readily identify the organization. When it comes to building a brand the same stylization that exists on a website needs to be present on the letterhead of the company as a well as in the social media sites where the company is being promoted. Through the tools that enable not only the Facebook page to incorporate the elements of the brand image, but which also deliver the resources for promoting a business with engaged content, a business owner can build a brand that will achieve the goal of increasing awareness of an online audience.

Direct Selling is Frowned on by Social Media

Social media presents a wonderful opportunity for companies of every size to share their corporate culture with their customers. Unlike the ads and links that are designed to promote a website to the search engines social media content is not intended to sell an audience a product or service. Although some companies do attempt to use Facebook to sell to their fans, there is a big difference in the number of likes” that a company has that pushes it merchandise on Facebook verses the number of fans a company that engages an audience with social content has. When it comes to marketing through social media the objective is to build up a loyal fan base that will make purchases as their needs permit. Where many companies fail to attract fans to their Facebook page it is because they forget that the social media site is designed to bring people together that share common interests and hobbies. Instead of focusing on the social aspect of marketing to build customers they often choose a direct selling approach to their comments and posts.

Value Propositions Win “Likes” from Customers

People that spend their time on Facebook do not want to be sold a product or service. Individuals want to be courted before making a purchase. They want to know that the company they trust cares about who they are. The culture of a business is more important than the sales that are driven through search marketing channels. When people know that you care they will come around and make a purchase. The goal of social media is not the immediate sale of goods, but it does count on the loyalty of fans to increase sales volume by recognizing the individuals that are willing to promote them to their friends. Word of mouth has always been the best form of advertising and continues to be as people use Facebook to influence the purchase decisions of their friends, coworkers and relatives. When it comes to creating a business Facebook page design owners that want to make the most of their social media campaigns can develop a strategy that brings fans to their page through posts that offer something of value in return for pressing the “like” button.


Using an Oklahoma City Painter Will Save You Time and Labor

Even though you probably could paint your house on your own, you need to balance the effort, money and time against the price of hiring a professional. When it comes down to it, there are some jobs that are worth hiring out. AnOklahoma Citypainter will do a fantastic job in a short amount of time.

How Big is the Job?

Do you live in a two story house? Do you have a high roof line? How many windows will you have to tape off? Can you keep the flowerbeds drip free? All of these questions should be answered before you buy paint. Sure, there might be an area with just one window, one door and easy-to-reach roof line that you feel confident you could tackle on a Saturday; but, how many Saturday’s will it take to get the rest of the house done. Optimism can quickly drain away as you clean paint off glass and front steps. Another step to take into account is scraping away the old paint. This can take days and leave you with a sore arm, sore back and massive headache. Every inch of your home has to be scraped before you can apply a primer. Getting that up close and personal with your house is a daunting task.

Professionals Have a System

Professional painters come in with a small crew and get to work fast. They each have a spot on the team and play their positions well. One part of the crew will prep the area by scraping away the old paint. Some companies prefer to use sand blasters to clear paint away. Sandblasting can prep the material underneath for priming as well. You’ll be amazed at how quickly they take care of a job that would have taken you weeks. Next, they’ll apply a primer. Once that dries, they can paint. The actual priming and painting don’t take all that long. The real time sucker is the prep work. The larger your house the longer it will take. Many people find that having a paint crew is far superior to prodding their teenagers along and threatening to take away their cell phones.

Professionals Have the Tools

While you may look at the price of paint and think you’re saving a bunch of money by grabbing a brush, you still have to take into account the cost of tools. At the very least, you’ll need a ladder, a paint sprayer, brushes, tape, plastic, and gloves. Don’t buy the cheep stuff unless you want a cheep looking finish. Even renting a sprayer can be more expensive than you think. When getting bids, take into consideration that a painter has to maintain his equipment and buy new brushes, tarps and tape for every job. The last factor you need to consider is time. If your daughter is getting married in less than a month, you probably don’t want to spend your days trying to get the house painted. Call an Oklahoma City painter to get the job done right and get it done on time.