5 Tips To Help You In Dealing With Rude Customers

Anyone working in customer service is bound to encounter rude customers at one time or another. These are customers who can try your patience, and the experience usually results in frustration for both parties. When you are dealing with customers on a daily basis, you have to learn to get through any negative customer experience in the best way possible. As frustrating as the encounter may be, you should try as much as possible to prevent an escalation of the problem by being nice to the rude person.

1.    Make sure that you smile and remain respectful throughout the encounter. Avoid losing your temper even when the customer gets personal. By remaining respectful, the customer is bound to calm down. Most rude people are looking for a fight and when they realize that they will not get one, they lose steam and calm down. It is very difficult to fight someone who is not fighting back.

2.    Stay calm and listen carefully to what the person is saying. Even though they are being rude, there is a point they are trying to make and you should find out what it is. By focusing on the message, you can ignore the tone and try to find out what the problem is. If you are caught up in the tirade, you will miss the point and this will make the customer even angrier.

3.    Let the customer know that you are listening by repeating what you understand the problem to be. Wait until the customer has calmed down and avoid interrupting him before you repeat the issues. This will also help you to understand what the problem is and when the person realizes that you are listening and taking the complaint seriously, they are bound to calm down.

4.    Offer the customer information that will make him realize that you are willing to help or offer a solution. Most rude people are expecting to get the other person worked up. Do not take the bait, just calmly give the information and try to offer a solution that is acceptable.

5.    If you have done all this and the customer is still being rude, you should politely ask him if he would like to see another customer service representative. Some people enjoy being rude and they take any opportunity to try to annoy others. Such people are usually unhappy and they are often looking for someone on whom they can vent their frustration.


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