5 Advantages Of Giving Written Warnings

Communication is a very important part of our lives. It helps us get along with people around us. A written warning is a piece of communication that emphasizes or prohibits us from doing specific activities in a given place or time. There are many types of communicating warnings, but the best should be in written form. Here are some of the advantages of written warnings that make it more efficient over the others:

•    There is a record of communication. This helps to solve conflict and any other problems that may arise. Many of the employees tend to forget conversations and warnings. The recorded warnings act as a reminder to the employees. When all the warning communications are in written form, it prevents both the person who is communicating and the person whom the warning is communicated to from getting into further trouble.

•    It saves time and energy. Written communication saves a lot of time and energy. When a warning is given orally, many of the people do not understand the warnings. This helps to eradicate the problem of wasting energy and time by trying to explain the warning. It is easier for people to read the warning repeatedly in order to get the warning.

•    Written warning communicates to large group of people at different points. Though technology is improving every day, oral communication cannot convey a warning to many people because the only people who are at that place at that time are the ones who get the warnings. When the warnings are passed in written form, all those who are at the premise and those who will come later will get acquainted to the warnings since they are available at all the time.

•    The copy of written warnings can be saved. The warnings can be stored in the archives or record offices. They may help in future references. They are always stored as a record of warning communication.

•    Can be used as evidence during duty dismissal. The written warnings can be used as evidence in courts during duty dismissal. It proves that the warnings were given and the employee decided to go against them. This will defend the employer to press the charges against the disrespectful employees.

Written warnings can help in many ways. If your employee behavior and poor performance is persistent and you are tired of using verbal warnings then you can now initiate the use of written warning and get an improved response from your employees.





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