4 Ways To Stay Above The Rest In The Flower Business

Flowers have their way of communicating, they have their own language and what is interesting is the fact that human beings respond to this language. Flower shops are flourishing businesses for this reason. Flowers are there for every season, from Valentine’s Day, to birthdays, to apologies, and even funerals. The competition in this business is cut-throat and business people go out of their way to impress customers and outdo each other.

In this business, only the strong survive, so here is how you survive above the strong ones:

1. Know your flowers – by knowing your flowers and what they communicate, what they can communicate; you will be able to sell the right flower for the right reason. If this happens to many customers, they will identify your uncanny knowledge for flowers and in this way; you become their florist of choice.

By knowing your flowers, you will be able to know the available variation of particular species of flowers; the importance of this is that customers come to you with different needs and you will be well equipped to provide or advise them accordingly.

2. Offer extra service – extra services such greeting cards, calligraphy on the messages that go with the flowers and services that show the customer an impressive touch are effective sales strategies. Customers will send referrals to your shop when they are pleased by your services.

3. Keep quality and not quantity – flowers are highly perishable, and because of this, it is preferable to run out of flowers than sell stale and old flowers. A refrigerator might not help the situation but it might save a few hours. You could also keep the flowers in a sugar water solution, an age-old trick that has always worked. Your customers will notice your fresh produce and remain sure they will never be let down.

4. Learn flower arrangement – flower arrangement is the art of presenting flowers in a way to make them appealing by combining various species of different colors for ornamental purposes. Many events call for floral arrangements, with this feather under your cap; you will be able to participate in many events where your clients need this. The fact that they buy flowers from you and you can do the arrangements for them will seem convenient and hence they will prefer you.

5. Have exemplary customer service – service is the key to success in every business. You have to enhance the customer experience in your shop. Make it a cut above the rest and memorable for all your customers. This will keep them coming back for more.


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